8 Reasons Corporate Videos Malaysia

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Wanted to make your own corporate video, but is often put off by the exorbitant cost? 

Do you know that a good corporate video can:
  • Boost your company's sales revenue
  • Create a lasting effect of your brand
  • Improve your company's corporate image

We know many companies struggle to find a good corporate video company in Malaysia that suits their needs and match their budget. 


Corporate Videos Malaysia is Malaysia's leading corporate video agency. We partner with top professionals in the creative industry to produce world class corporate videos. 

We can link you to the BEST corporate video production crew in Malaysia with just ONE phone call away!

Do you know? 
A good corporate video can provide strategic business leverage and to lead with competitive advantage in the industry.

Your company can use the videos to strategically:
  • Highlight operational processes for ISO Certification
  • Promote your latest products during exhibitions
  • Showcase your achievements during conferences
  • Provide an overview for your potential investors
  • Create an internet viral video to boost sales
  • Conduct training for new recruits
  • Motivate your staff and sales team
  • Celebrate your company’s achievements 

  • Quality corporate video need NOT break your company’s budget. 
  • DO NOT settle for poor quality and boring corporate videos! 
  • Insist on the BEST. 

Call us NOW to discuss with our team about your expectations and budget. 

Our creative team will work closely with you to understand your needs and come up with brilliant ideas for your company’s video. 

Watch us work closely with your company to conceptualize and customize your new corporate video. It will be efficient, fun and exciting!

Amazing corporate videos are ONLY possible with brilliant, experienced and creative crew. 

Our team of professionals have more than 6 years of experience in the creative and video industry.

Over the years we have produced, among others: 
  • A concept video for one of the major Malaysian airports, that was shown to the Prime Minister; 
  • A video that captures the history and celebrate the achievements of one of Malaysia’s largest multinational conglomerate during its centenary celebration;
  • A training video that helps to effectively train technical crew of one of the largest oil and gas company in Malaysia;
  • A video to showcase the manufacturing capability of one of the major manufacturing plant in Malaysia for an international exhibition;
  • An awareness and documentary video for an NGO to highlight the plight of a minority group in Malaysia; 
  • A testimonial video for a nominee, who subsequently won and represented Malaysia for the international award ceremony;
  • and many more... 

Regardless of the industry and the need of your corporate video, we guarantee you our highest level of commitment to help you produce the best corporate video to meet your needs and budget. 

Call us NOW to arrange for a FREE consultation with 
Malaysia's leading corporate video agency.

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